If you have ever wondered how art shapes environmental behaviour then this blog is for you! According to my claim: Art is for the planet’s sake, too.

Hi, my name is Diana and I am the founder and writer of this blog. I started it out of the mere inspiration I felt during my research on the many ways art and sustainability come together. I thought that more people should know about these ideas and findings I got to learn in the past years.

After I successfully completed my studies in Arts and Cultural Management, I focused and further educated myself in sustainability and transformation management. Hence, I both trained with the Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien and the Institut für Zukunftskultur to get a solid knowledge and skill base.

Since 2021, I am working on a freelance basis as a transformation manager in the arts to support my clients – cultural institutions, associations and festivals – in integrating and mastering aspects of sustainability in their own business in their very own way.

My philosophy and how I work

Art is a connector, a communicator, a human voice for complex ideas. Art challenges the status quo and provides alternatives. Art serves as a catalyst of change.

I claim for a “new” understanding of the correlation between human and natural well-being, the importance and reinforcement of values to base our decisions and actions on AND a new possibility for the arts to function as a driver for environmentally-friendly behaviour.

The knowledge I share is based on scientific sources and publications from various fields. I continuously interview experts and pioneers from the cultural field and continuously exchange with my peers about ideas, knowledge and new perspectives. So far, I have talked to inspirational artists, curators, museum directors and institutions – and there is more to come!

There is so much out there already! I see it as my mission to spread the great work, connect the dots and bring people together. Get inspired!

This blog is for you, if:

  • you want to know how arts & culture work for our planet and its protection
  • you are looking for inspiration how to raise awareness with arts & cultural projects
  • you want to convince yourself about the transformative power of the arts
  • you long for a better, respectful and caring human-nature relationship
  • you need that extra push to start acting towards change

I don’t have all the answers but I am committed to share my findings with you. By doing this, I make them become sustainable themselves. I will provide you with ideas. The more we exchange ideas the more we are able to broaden our perspective and fine tune our perception…and inspire the ones around us to do the same. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive these ideas first.

The climate crisis is a cultural crisis. That is why culture has to be part of the solution. Culture is subject to and a category of nature. Art is critical. Artists and art institutions massively impact our daily lives: they taste make, they lifestyle and they enable us to feel deeply. Therefore they shall be repurposed to serve this emergency.

Alison Tickell

Rob Hopkins says that we need to use our imagination to create ‘memories of the future’. And therefore we need a deep longing. Once we have created that longing, we create a degree of inevitability as to the outcome. Let’s ignite that imagination and design a purposeful and conscious future. This is where the arts can help.

Love the Arts? Love our natural world?

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