YES for A Manifest

It's time for a manifest to remind us how we want to work together collectively and sustainably.

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I tend to say that sustainability is a human created experience. What do I mean with that? Well, it’s the human being who is engaging in an activity. And this being can decide how the activity is done. So people are acting responsibly in terms of sustainability or not. We keep coal power plants running or not. It also works on a very small level: We take the extra plastic bag or not.

I also tend to say that we need a shift of mindset. Why? Because the way we perceive things, people, the natural world around us determines the way we deal and interact with them. Hence, thinking determines action. And I believe Albert Einstein agrees; see for yourself. 😉

My favorite quote of Albert Einstein

Why a manifest?

To me, a manifest is a written statement where all the important details concerning a specific topic are gathered. And, as you know, my specific topic is sustainability in the arts and cultural scene. So when artists and cultural producers come together to work a new project together, this is where the manifest unfolds. The group agrees on ten basic rules of collaboration.

Ten rules that lead to a conscious interaction with each other as well as a conscious handling of our natural resources. A WIN-WIN! It talks about values, experiments, mistakes, feedback, time…and the mindset, of course. But look for yourself. The manifest serves as a kind reminder in our busy day-to-day lives.

The mindest as “ground zero” where everything emanates from.

And here it is: the Manifest

I not only want to show the manifest to you but you can download it for free. I hope it serves as an inspiration. Please use it whenever possible and share it with your colleagues and friends. <3

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How the manifest was created

This year, I am supporting a Berlin based theatre on their way to a “climate neutral” stage production. In order to introduce a new way of thinking and working together, I created the ten basic rules of collaboration, the manifest, to serve as a foundation for this experiment. The aim is to make it the foundation of more and more future projects until it becomes the new normal. Finger’s crossed.

I‘m not afraid of new ideas, I‘m afraid of the old ones.

John Cage

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