Give the Gift of Music: Berlin Open Music School

We all love music! Tastes are different of course but we all do. And those who have ever gotten into the joy of making music never want to miss it. The Merch shop Evil Greed with the support of Music Declares Emergency have initiated a fundraising campaign. It is aimed at supporting the accessibility and the joy of music – especially to those who cannot afford to take lessons or buy their own guitar.

What is the fundraising campaign about? 

Compared to other industry sectors (i.e. the steel or the automobile industry), the arts and cultural field The campaign is called ‘Give Something Back to Berlin’s Open Music School‘. The goal is to collect music instruments and equipment of any kind. 

It runs until coming Monday, the 16th of August 2021.

What is especially needed?

Acoustic or bass guitars

Guitar strings (nylon or steel)

Electric pianos

Laptops for music production

CDJ / vinyl decks

Audio interfaces, turntables for digital music production

Studio microphones & headphones

How does it work?

Now, where do we start? How do we know how much to reduce? What are our consumption levels today Donating is very easy: Get in contact with Evil Greed via email ([email protected]). If you live in Berlin your donation will be picked up. If you live anywhere else in Germany they will provide you with a shipping label. In any way, the shipping costs will be taken care of.

Call to action: The fundraising campaign

What is ‘Berlin Open Music School’ about?

Berlin Open Music School is a 100% volunteer-powered, knowledge-sharing community which provides free music classes to everyone who lives in the city and wants to learn how to make music. It is built on the principle of solidarity to help foster music education and creativity, encourage self-expression and inspire community engagement.

We manage to communicate through music, the universal language

Laura – bass teacher

Berlin Open Music School is an association founded in 2013. It focusses on inclusion and the empowerment of migrants, marginalised people and those seeking a positive social network in Berlin. It is a melting pot of different cultures where people come to learn an instrument or find their community – or both.

What do they offer?

Currently, Berlin Open Music School offers 4 instrumental workshops each week: guitar, bass guitar, piano and ukulele (in pre-Corona times they host 15 workshops and groups each week). Check out the online class schedule. The school has a music library, too where instruments can be borrowed. 

All teachers work on a voluntary basis. They teach their classes based on a causal approach: There is no set curriculum – it is created together with the students and dependent on what is needed by the group. As such everyone is invited to take ownership of the class. 

Give the gift of music.

Jon – Project Manager

Besides the common levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced), the school also offers music theory classes. Since the pandemic, all classes have been moved to Zoom. Social get togethers or ‘Student Performance Nights’ have become online pyjama parties.

Here is a little insight into pre-pandemic daily life of the Berlin Open Music School:

Find home in a new city: The Berlin Open Music School

How to support?

If you like the project, you can support it in various ways:

A) Donate a spare musical instrument or equipment, which has caught dust from laying around but is still well maintained 

B) Become a volunteer! Meaningful and sustainable volunteering opportunities are waiting for everyone without the need to be a professional musician nor teacher. The only requirement: Passion.

C) Donating money is also an option and always welcome, of course.

D) Share the campaign with family, friends and your Social Media network now.

Reminder: It only runs until Monday, the 16th of August 2021.

E) Check out the Give Something Back to Berlin’s other projects such as Open kitchenOpen language etc. Every person does make a difference!

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