This summer, I was to participate in a project called “voices for climate”. I meant to do a written contribution for it but when I told the project manager that I am trained as a dancer, she urged me to do a dance video instead. Thank you Isa for this invitation to show my artistic side again. Presenting: EMIT.

What is EMIT about?

The Anthropocene describes the age in which the impact of humankind on our planet Earth has exceeded its limits. Growth, trade, consumption, comfort. When is it enough? When do we have enough? TIME is now! We need to CHANGE. How can we perceive change as a dance?

This video was inspired by the longing to reconnect with nature, to let it move and unfold through you. In the Afro-Cuban culture the goddess Oyá rules the wind. My dance improvisation is inspired by the wind.

I tend to say: Nature does not need us humans, but we humans do need nature – we simply cannot be without it! So the question is: When do we turn utopia into reality? When will we find our way back to our origins, and to start living a life in harmony with nature?

EMIT – Dance Impro & artistic interpretation of “Oya”by Diana Palm; Video edit by Javi Luque

P.S.: A poem or just thoughts?

Our planet Earth is about 4.6 billion years old
Life on Earth has existed for almost 3.8 billion years
and the homo sapiens for 300,000 years.

20th century: Welcome to the Anthropocene
Influencing factor: Humankind
Growth, trade, consumption, comfort.

Since then we have increased our impact by more than a 100-fold
Since then we have increased CO2 emissions by 245%
Since then the global average temperature has risen by +1.2 °C
Fossil fuels, pandemics.

Influence – Impact – Response.ability?!
When is it enough?
The target: 1.5°C
NOW there is still TIME for…

Reflection – Awareness – New decisions
JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out
Reforestation, healthy oceans
Social justice
Remember your power!

Remember that you matter and that your life makes a difference. You make a difference every single day and you have the choice what kind of difference that is!

Dr. Jane Goodall 

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