It's time for a manifest to remind us how we want to work together collectively and sustainably.

YES for A Manifest

The manifest is a written statement and offers ten basic rules of collaboration. A collaboration that aims for a conscious interaction with each other as well as a conscious handling of our natural resources. A WIN-WIN! It talks about values, experiments, mistakes, feedback, time...and the mindset, of course. The manifest serves as a kind reminder in our busy day-to-day...

Erfahrt mehr über die erste veröffentlichte Klimabilanz der Festivalausgabe in 2019

Kein Theatertreffen ist auch nicht Nachhaltig

An einem Tag im Mai in Berlin… Die Sonne scheint und die Natur zeigt sich in ihrem prächtigen grün – “endlich“, seufzen viele Berliner*innen in 2023. Der Mai ist aber ebenso bekannt, ja geliebt dafür, dass “die 10 bemerkenswerten Inszenierungen“ erneut nach Berlin kommen. Drei Wochen lang sehen, was im deutschsprachigen Raum als sehenswert für alle Theaterliebhaber*innen betrachtet wird:...

museums are asked to extend the museums climate - to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint

Big, Bigger, Museums: Their Race to Reduce Energy Consumption

Europe is clearly noticing the impacts of the climate crisis. This summer, various devastating fires broke out all over the continent. The Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel recently wrote that this year’s summer had been amongst the four hottest summers in Germany since 1881. Only 2003 was hotter than 2022. During hot summers museums can serve its citizens and visitors to escape the...

strong human connections are created when we are together

The Beauty of Coming Together

The climate conference “endlich” in Augsburg two weeks ago was – on many levels – a true blessing for me. It was emotional, connecting and affirmative, inspiring and empowering at the same time. Very socially sustainable indeed! The human connections made and inspirations released still reverberate today. Here are my highlights and thoughts to content, play and connection. “endlich”...

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